This year’s recipient of the Jack V. Doland Award  is Dianne Gordan Frelot.  She has been a dedicated volunteer to the public school system for a total of 28 years.  Besides the duties of a homemaker, she assisted the teachers in simple duties such as copying papers, monitoring students, etc.  What started as being a simple room mother transformed into a lifelong commitment to the community of Westlake/Mossville and its students.

Gerald Treme, Principal of Westwood Elementary had this to say. 

“Every school has certain people who play an essential role in defining the daily atmosphere for students and staff.  Our school is beyond blessed to have Mrs. Dianne Frelot.  Mrs. Frelot has been at our school for approximately 15 years now as a school volunteer.  She graciously gives of her time without any monetary compensation.  Although she wears many hats during the school day, she is most known for her assistance in our staff lounge, monitoring students, and even aiding the office in daily tasks.  Throughout the day she is there with a positive, hard-working attitude to help the team in any way that she can.  With the hardest work ethic, I have seen in a long time, she never waits for someone to ask for help.  She has the ability to see a need and offer her assistance.  Even more impressive is the fact that it is a common occurrence to see Mrs. Frelot take work home with her!

After her full day of running our staff workroom, covering classes if there is no sub available, or even working in the cafeteria when they are shorthanded, she then stays with our students in the extended day program until 6:00 pm.  The impact that she makes on the children is remarkable to see.

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated volunteer at our school.  Mrs. Frelot certainly plays a huge role in the success of our school, which helps our parish become successful. You cannot imagine how many people are impacted by her efforts each and every day, never asking for or expecting a single penny.  Words cannot express how much she impacts not only our school, but our entire community as well.”

Mrs. Frelot received the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana – State Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012-2013.