2019 Keynote Speaker

Taya Kyle 


Taya Kyle is the wife of late U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, and founder of the Chris Kyle frog Foundation. She was played by Sienna Miller in the Academy Award-winning film American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Bradley Cooper. She is the author of New York Times bestselling book American Wife. With humor and vulnerability, Taya recounts the tremendous highs and lows in her unpredictable life as the wife and now widow of an American hero. Her new book, American Spirit, debuts on April 2nd. Taya and co-author Jim DeFelice, profile other Americans whose resilience, courage and faith inspire movements of light in a world full of darkness.


Following the murder of her husband Chris Kyle, Taya founded Chris Kyle Frog Foundation where she volunteers her time as Executive Director. Partnering with national organizations, corporations with heart and patriotic citizens, the foundation continues Chris Kyle's legacy serving God, country and family. Taya's experience with service members who are suicidal and/or fall to addiction when their last safe place, their marriage is ending, propels her forward with the mission. The success in these marriages is different than in the civilian world and requires different tools. At Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, Taya's passion of changing the world by fighting for the marriages of those who fight for us, is having a life--changing impact on military and first responder couples and their children. With a team of people behind the mission, CKFF is helping these families not only survive their life of service, but thrive.


Taya resides in Texas where she is first and foremost a woman after God's heart and a mother of her two children. She is a public speaker inspiring others to persevere. As she articulates the trials and tribulations of love, war, faith and renewal, Taya helps others see they are not alone.

 Taya has also been a Fox News contributor, audio book narrator, television host, aspiring children's book author and literal soccer mom. She is passionate about freedom, love and service to others.